If you are going to own a handgun, you need to know all the safety rules to protect yourself and those you care about from injury. You should also know the techniques to improve your shooting skills. 

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If you own a handgun, or are deciding to buy one, I want you to know how to safely use it. I don't want to see anyone hurt themselves, or someone else because of lack of training. My dad got me involved with target shooting when I was 8 years old. As a veteran he thought I should respect handguns. Years later I have started target shooting again at local ranges. I put together a book on the basics of safety, and techniques to improve your skills.

About Us

Mike Jais,

store owner

At Graphics Plus, we believe that messages worth reading should be printed to make a lasting impression. Over the years we have developed products and content that we care about, and that is what this store is about. 

I enjoy target shooting, but have seen too many people handling firearms incorrectly. Stupid mistakes can be disastrous. That is why we will offer products that highlight safety and skill building.